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Yoga Chikitsa - Level 1 Outline for 100 Hours Online

25 week course

3 hours every Sunday, 9am - 12 noon (UK time), starting Sunday 7 April 2024

Cost £595 - for 100 hours online including coursework evaluation & feedback


Level 1. Yoga Chikitsa Online and Residential Teacher Training


This Sadhana and yoga therapy program will take you through some of

the therapeutic Rishi culture Gitananda Yoga practices for your own healing and spiritual development


To learn and experience Yogic therapeutic tools for our body, mind, psychic energy and karmic energy to heal yourself and further share these tools with your students and Yoga therapy seekers


Developing further Yoga teaching, and Yoga therapy skills


Learning how to use Yogic ideas and principles as part of lifestyle changes and counselling for yourself and your students.


Who is this yoga therapy course for?

• Yoga teachers and health professionals

• Yoga seekers interested in personal healing and spiritual development.

• Yoga seekers interested in learning and practising traditional Gitananda Yoga Therapeutic Practices.


You can find more details of the course here


On booking, you will be contacted directly by the Yoga school with details on how to logon to the course.If you have any queries, please email

Yoga Chikitsa - Level 1 Outline for 100 Hours Online

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