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Designed for those who are new, or fairly new, to Vēdantā,
Tattvabodhah is considered an ideal starting point. It is Vēdantā
paraphrased. Terms and terminologies used throughout Vēdāntic
study are systematically introduced and explained clearly. Ram takes
this 8th century text and brings it to life by laying the foundation for
easy understanding. If you have EVER wanted to know more about the basic
questions in life such as “Who am I”, “What is this world” or “Is there a supreme
power”, this text is your gateway to the answers.

14 weekly classes every Sunday 10am to 11.30am
Starting Sunday 10th September
Cost: £7 per class, payable in two blocks of 7 classes each


Ram Banerjee
Ram is an Advaita Vēdantā Teacher and co-founder of the World
Yōga Festival, who has been teaching Vēdantā and Meditation for
over 12 years.

Brought up from childhood in the UK, Ram understands how the
Western mind thinks and is able to place this ancient and secret
knowledge immaculately within the grasp of all those who come
to study.

Tattvabodhah by Ādi Shankara with Ram Banerjee - Block 1

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